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Liftsurfers of June 2019

Aloha Liftsurfers,

A month later the good time memories are still branded on my head! As I recall the good moments we spent surfing, exploring the nature of the region and the city of Porto and Viana do Castelo, I can’t help to miss it!

surfers liftsurfers surf trip porto surf clube vianaBut the best about this Liftsurf-Trip were not even the great surf conditions and weather we fortunately had all week, nor even the lucky coincidence of being in Viana do Castelo at the same time of the Medieval Fest. The best was really the great atmosphere and friendly environment that the group created.

They were so uncomplicated, organized and for all nice and lovingly, that they made my job really really easy! 

Now that time is increasingly short with all the events we organize in Surf Clube de Viana, I considered canceling the 2020 editions of Liftsurf. However this group showed me that there’s no way I can not keep doing it, if I keep receiving such wonderful people. For me this is more then work, is really having fun!!

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I want to thank them and I hope to count on them for next years Liftsurf-Trips. I’m sure together and with more new cool people, we will keep making it a success!

With love,

Renato Bentes

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Happy new Waves!

Dear Surf travelers,

The year starts and with it new swells and waves coming to the shore!

With this in mind I want to wish you, in the name of Liftsurf, a year of 2019 plenty of fun loaded vacation with lots of action and lots of wave riding moments among friends!

I’ve prepared some new features and made some adjustment to the plan of our surf trips, so that this year you’ll get the most of what Liftsurf has to offer. Among other sur(f)prises, we added video analysis and a complete photo and video reportage of our trip.

The dates for 2019 are already posted on the website main page, so make a notice on your calendar and write me if you want to reserve your place or have any questions regarding the trip.

I’m looking forward to hear from you!

Again, happy new waves!

Renato Bentes

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2019 LiftSurf-trip dates released


I’m happy to announce the 2019 dates for the Liftsurf-trips!

10. – 16. of June

15. – 21. of July

29. September – 06. October

Make a notice on your calendar and start counting the days!

In 2019 we also did some changing on the program and the price. Instead of the 5 nights we now include on the price 7 nights, since most of the participants ended up staying longer  and having to pay for the extra nights. Also we are doing more Video Analyse and a surf functional training class with Gonçalo, our head coach from the performance teams.

Here you can check all you are entitled to with our new Liftsurf package: Price!

All in all, more features and fun for the same price you would pay, if you would stay the whole week with us at the surf high performance centre of Viana do Castelo.

For more information, don’t hesitate to go to our page Contact & Booking and to send me a message.

I’m looking forward to hear from you!:)

Salty Regards,

Renato Bentes



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Liftsurf and SCV at DAAD “Gesundheitstag”

The Surf Clube Viana and Liftsurf were invited as promoter and speaker to attend the “Gesundheitstag: Aktiv mit Herz” event, at the @DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) last Thursday in Bonn, Germany.Liftsurf DAAD ENOS Surf Meeting Outdoor Sports

The goal of this event was to motivate the 1500 workers and associates of the DAAD to do more for their health, more specifically their hearts, learning about prevention and exercise science, as well as experimenting training methods and equipment displayed by many different companies and organisations.

Liftsurf and the Surf Clube Viana had a infopoint in the main hall of the institute building, together with @Basyboards, an innovative company that designs custom made balance boards. At this Infopoint the visitors could learn more about our work at the Surf High Performance Centre of Viana do Castelo, the possibility of visiting us through Liftsurf and the Nature & Sport Euromeet of 2019 (organised by the Surf Clube Viana next year). 

In this event I was also invited to do a presentation about the health benefits of outdoor sports. The presentation took place at midday, on the conference room next to the main hall, right before lunch time. The appetizer was then served with the delivery of some studies that confer health benefits to being active on an outdoor environment. Liftsurf surf science surf trip promotion surf liftBesides it was also presented some of the projects and work developed by the Surf Clube Viana.  

I feel very fortunate to have the chance of speaking about my passion, outdoor sports, hopefully motivating more people to be more active around nature, establishing healthier and happier lifestyles.

Healthy greetings,

Renato Bentes

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How stable are you?

Dear surf travelers,

At the end of last month we’re happy to receive Philipp Phidl David Cappiello, the founders of Basyboard, on our home, the surf high performance centre of Viana do Castelo.

Basyboard is a innovative new enterprise that brings to life a set of balance boards that can be use in various training directions, one of them being, the specific surf condition training. Invited by Liftsurf, the founders of Basyboard did a workshop for the crew of the Surf Clube de Viana and the students of the sport leisure curse of the university of Melgaço.

Then was time to put the balance skills to the test!! The exercises started from easy to more challenging ones. Some of the exercises were also surf specific and focused, for example, on the stand up movement.

At the end everyone had a good share of balance board wipe-outs and lots of fun!

By the way, the most recent innovation from Basyboards is a specific made balance board, designed to be part of a surf condition training program.

You can support this recent project from Basyboards, the Bioboard, by donating or sharing this content at

You can also find more information about Basyboards at

Liftsurf wishes this two friendly surfers great success on their young enterprise!

Keep on rocking,

Renato Bentes