The Concept

The surf industry had its boom in Europe in the 70’s and 80’s. Since then the demand and offer for surf trips and surf experiences has grown exponentially. Today we find pretty much everywhere we go, where the practice of Surf is possible, a vast number of Surf schools, surf camps, surf hostels, surf lounges… What I have seen after many years working and managing such ventures is that this branch had become standardized. The teaching program of the surf schools is consequently designed to reach and encompass as many clients as possible. Meanwhile the surf camps use almost everywhere the same encased uniformed system that inhibits the visitors from fully experiencing the cultural riches and natural diversity of the local environment. Surf has therefore become a mass tourism industry.

With this in mind and appealing to the ones that search a more individual and rich surf experience Liftsurf was created.

The Liftsurf program stands for the following goals:


  • Experience Surf from the inside out

Liftsurf offers you the chance of staying at the headquarters of Surf Clube de Viana, the Surf High Performance Centre of Viana do Castelo. This facility is located directly in front of the beach of Cabedelo, a surf spot known for its consistent waves and the beautiful surrounding nature. Here you will have the chance to learn and improve your surfing supported by all our resources. You have therefore all-round the clock access to all the Surf and sports material, Fitness facilities and more. Besides you will get to know from the inside the work and the history of the Surf in Viana do Castelo, with the oldest Portuguese surf club.


  • Adapted training program with high qualified instructors

From beginner to more progressive and advanced surfers, the most efficient and profitable way of increasing the learning curve is by adapting the teaching methods to the specific needs of the surf student. To meet this requirements, it is imperative that the ones who teaches have and provide a width range theoretical and practical knowledge as well as the capability of deeply understanding the training methods of sports science. With Liftsurf it is expected that the surf coach holds the necessary competence to fulfill the specific needs and wishes of every surfer as efficiently as possible. Besides that you will dispose of a full time surf coach, guiding you throughout the trip.

lift surf liftsurf surfcamp project concept

  • Learning the multidisciplinary Surf aspects

Although surf comprises like many other sports the possibility of ever improving your performance it is the multidimensional aspect of Surf that turns it into an unique activity. Liftsurf embraces not only the performance aspect of surf but also the factors that define and enable Surf to exist. Above all the recognition that is the connection to the Ocean in form of energy (waves) what the surfer most of all strives for. Understanding this medium will therefore enhance the surf experience. Also the overall aspects of Surf such as technical material, cultural background and history, as well as ecological practices and rules of conduct are fundamental to comprehend the essence of Surf.


  • Discovery of the cultural and environmental local identity

Everywhere you surf, you will be in a place that has a unique past, roots and values. The local Surf scene is therefore always intertwine with the cultural identity of the place where is practiced. Only by exposing yourself to the culture, people and customs will you be able to fully sense and participate in the all around experience that Surf is. Furthermore the natural environment is the base where Surf is rooted. To get to know the traits and attributes of the local Fauna and Flora as well as its richness and beauty will fulfill the closeness with nature that defines Surf.

Surf is more than just surfing. That´s the best thing about it!

José Renato Bentes

B.A. Sports Science
Student M.Sc. Sporttourismus und Erholungsmanagment
Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln
Liftsurf Founder