Liftsurfers of June 2019

Aloha Liftsurfers,

A month later the good time memories are still branded on my head! As I recall the good moments we spent surfing, exploring the nature of the region and the city of Porto and Viana do Castelo, I can’t help to miss it!

surfers liftsurfers surf trip porto surf clube vianaBut the best about this Liftsurf-Trip were not even the great surf conditions and weather we fortunately had all week, nor even the lucky coincidence of being in Viana do Castelo at the same time of the Medieval Fest. The best was really the great atmosphere and friendly environment that the group created.

They were soΒ uncomplicated, organized and for all nice and lovingly, that they made my job really really easy!Β 

Now that time is increasingly short with all the events we organize in Surf Clube de Viana, I considered canceling the 2020 editions of Liftsurf. However this group showed me that there’s no way I can not keep doing it, if I keep receiving such wonderful people. For me this is more then work, is really having fun!!

girls lift surf surf trip viana do castelo surfing

I want to thank them and I hope to count on them for next years Liftsurf-Trips. I’m sure together and with more new cool people, we will keep making it a success!

With love,

Renato Bentes

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