Liftsurf and SCV at DAAD “Gesundheitstag”

The Surf Clube Viana and Liftsurf were invited as promoter and speaker to attend the “Gesundheitstag: Aktiv mit Herz” event, at the @DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) last Thursday in Bonn, Germany.Liftsurf DAAD ENOS Surf Meeting Outdoor Sports

The goal of this event was to motivate the 1500 workers and associates of the DAAD to do more for their health, more specifically their hearts, learning about prevention and exercise science, as well as experimenting training methods and equipment displayed by many different companies and organisations.

Liftsurf and the Surf Clube Viana had a infopoint in the main hall of the institute building, together with @Basyboards, an innovative company that designs custom made balance boards. At this Infopoint the visitors could learn more about our work at the Surf High Performance Centre of Viana do Castelo, the possibility of visiting us through Liftsurf and the Nature & Sport Euromeet of 2019 (organised by the Surf Clube Viana next year). 

In this event I was also invited to do a presentation about the health benefits of outdoor sports. The presentation took place at midday, on the conference room next to the main hall, right before lunch time. The appetizer was then served with the delivery of some studies that confer health benefits to being active on an outdoor environment. Liftsurf surf science surf trip promotion surf liftBesides it was also presented some of the projects and work developed by the Surf Clube Viana.  

I feel very fortunate to have the chance of speaking about my passion, outdoor sports, hopefully motivating more people to be more active around nature, establishing healthier and happier lifestyles.

Healthy greetings,

Renato Bentes

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