How stable are you?

Dear surf travelers,

At the end of last month we’re happy to receive Philipp Phidl David Cappiello, the founders of Basyboard, on our home, the surf high performance centre of Viana do Castelo.

Basyboard is a innovative new enterprise that brings to life a set of balance boards that can be use in various training directions, one of them being, the specific surf condition training. Invited by Liftsurf, the founders of Basyboard did a workshop for the crew of the Surf Clube de Viana and the students of the sport leisure curse of the university of Melgaço.

Then was time to put the balance skills to the test!! The exercises started from easy to more challenging ones. Some of the exercises were also surf specific and focused, for example, on the stand up movement.

At the end everyone had a good share of balance board wipe-outs and lots of fun!

By the way, the most recent innovation from Basyboards is a specific made balance board, designed to be part of a surf condition training program.

You can support this recent project from Basyboards, the Bioboard, by donating or sharing this content at

You can also find more information about Basyboards at

Liftsurf wishes this two friendly surfers great success on their young enterprise!

Keep on rocking,

Renato Bentes


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