2018 Liftsurf dates released!

Dear surf travelers,

2018 is coming and with it plenty of more waves and sunny days at the beach. That’s why I invite you to write the following dates on your agenda:

The first date, from 22. to 26. May, coincide with the Pfingsten holidays in Germany and the most exuberant spring time in the nord of Portugal. In Viana do Castelo the sun will most certainly shine, warming up the spirit after a long winter. In this time of the year Viana do Castelo is a place where you almost won’t find any tourists. What you’ll find are beautiful empty beaches, a blooming and flourishing landscape and plenty of waves to surf.


I have chosen the second date from 26. to 30. June because it is the period before the high season starts. In this time of the year we’re most likely to experience a summer like weather while getting a bunch of waves and a lot of free space on the line-up. May and June together with September and October are the best period of time for surfing in Portugal.

On this two weeks we are going to learn, improve and experience surf like you haven’t had before. We’ll be accommodated at the Surf High Performance Centre of Viana do Castelo, right in front of the renown Praia do Cabedelo, and we’ll be able to use all the resources the centre has to offer. Along with a vast panoply of surfing material, you’ll find a skate bowl, sauna, slacklines, SUP’s, beach volleyball nets and more.

Liftsurf lift surf surfing surf in viana do castelo portual

The price of this all-inclusive surftrip with accommodation, food, surf courses, guiding and material and transfers (from and to the nearby airport of Oporto) is not to be beaten: 299€ per Person. The journey to Oporto is on your own expense but nowadays you can find relative cheap flights. After your arrival you won’t have any more expenses and you’ll just have to worry about making the best with the time you have on the beach and the ocean.

liftsurf viana do castelo surf camp price portugal surftrip

For more information contact me at Contact & Booking.

I’m looking forward to receive you in Viana do Castelo and share some waves together with you!

Renato Bentes,

Liftsurf Project Manager

2 thoughts on “2018 Liftsurf dates released!

  1. Hallo, lieber Renato! Hier spricht Holger Sonnenschein vom Auesee in Wesel – weißt Du,Tina und Du wardt doch ´mal schön am See letzten Sommer! Tina hatte Deine Seite jetzt über FB angezeigt! Ich hab´ ja ein Töchterchen, die sich für´s Wellenreiten interessiert – habe ihr Deine schöne Veranstaltung weitergeleitet! Mal schauen! Viele Grüße aus Voerde von Holger! 🙂


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