O Liftsurf oferece-lhe a oportunidade de viajar para o Centro de Surf de Alta Performance de Viana do Castelo e experimentar o Surf como nunca o fez antes.

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The Plan



From the 26th to the 30th of June 2018;

And from the 02nd to the 06th of October 2018.

Everything you need during the 5 days from the program of the Liftsurf-Trip will be directly provided to you through the resources and infrastructure of the Surf High Performance Center of Viana do Castelo. That includes accommodation, full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), transfers, surf material and of course the surf guidance und mentoring.

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During the stay there are planed some excursions with the purpose of getting to know the regional culture as well as the riches of the beautiful nature surrounding the area. In addition we also organize some optional outdoor sport activities to give you an alternative program whenever you feel like making a pause from surfing.

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Liftsurf and SCV at DAAD “Gesundheitstag”

The Surf Clube Viana and Liftsurf were invited as promoter and speaker to attend the “Gesundheitstag: Aktiv mit Herz” event, at the @DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) last Thursday in Bonn, Germany. The goal of this event was to motivate the 1500 workers and associates of the DAAD to do more for their health, more … Continue reading Liftsurf and SCV at DAAD “Gesundheitstag”

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The Concept

The surf industry had its boom in Europe in the 70’s and 80’s. Since then the demand and offer for surf trips and surf experiences has grown exponentially. Today we find pretty much everywhere we go, where the practice of Surf is possible, a vast number of Surf schools, surf camps, surf hostels, surf lounges… What I have seen after many years working and managing such ventures is that this branch had become standardized. The teaching program of the surf schools is consequently designed to reach and encompass as many clients as possible. Meanwhile the surf camps use almost everywhere the same encased uniformed system that inhibits the visitors from fully experiencing the cultural riches and natural diversity of the local environment. Surf has therefore become a mass tourism industry.

With this in mind and appealing to the ones that search a more individual and rich surf experience Liftsurf was created. Continue reading “The Concept”

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Contact & Booking

If you want to book and join us on this unique experience or just need some additional information don’t hesitate, send me a message. You can write in English, German or even Portuguese. I will reply to you as soon as possible!



Contact information:

José Renato Bentes
0049 157 86364907
CAR SURF, Rua Diogo Alvares, 4935-161 Viana do Castelo, Portugal